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Parrot photo contest with a new theme every week!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Parrot photo contest with a new theme every week!

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Just joined... [24 Sep 2008|01:35am]

Indy - close upCollapse )
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Parrot Closeups [19 Oct 2007|02:21pm]

Wow am I late entering. Oh well, even if it's too late to enter I still love this picture

Super Andrew closeup!Collapse )
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[30 Jun 2007|02:27pm]

I just found this place today and was sad to see it isn't too active.. I'd love to make a suggestion if it'll help get things going. How about we all post pictures of our birds and the human food(s) they love!? That could be fun feeding them and waiting for just the perfect moments to click!
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Mango Man [03 Jun 2007|04:34am]

I hope its not too late for me to add this one. The community hasn't been updated in over a month... I hope this is close enough to be considered a "close-up" :) He's adorable though. Click for the HUGE picture.
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love that pedicure [29 Apr 2007|01:37pm]


Ironically, s/he was standing on a text about (human) skin when I took this image.   :D
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Closeup of Gabe! [29 Apr 2007|10:34am]


"Wha'choo in my face for?"

A little blurry, but I like it. ^_^
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Punky asks "Whatcha Doin'?" [28 Apr 2007|08:59pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Up CloseUp Close

Whatcha doin'?

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bird close up [28 Apr 2007|10:58pm]

hey im new to this i read the rules and everything and there hasent been 15 photos yet submited for this contest that ive seen so i should be consiered in the contest right? but if i did something wrong let me know.

this is Tonto.

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Parrot Closeups [12 Mar 2007|10:20pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Parrot Closeup [12 Mar 2007|10:10pm]

Every actress needs her closeup:

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[04 Mar 2007|10:25pm]

Phoebe is blinking madCollapse )
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Parrot Macros Poll & New Theme! [04 Mar 2007|08:15pm]

Poll under the cutCollapse )

New Theme: Parrot Closeups
(stellariot inadvertantly gave me this idea, I think it will be cute! :)
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What happened with the contest? [01 Mar 2007|08:42pm]

A Saranade picture for no good reason at all:

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Macro! [18 Feb 2007|12:03pm]

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[15 Feb 2007|07:31pm]

Phoebe's look of defianceCollapse )
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shanks macros [15 Feb 2007|07:14pm]

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Macro [15 Feb 2007|07:00pm]

In spirit of the cat buglar macros....

The bird buglar:
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Parrot Macros [15 Feb 2007|06:37pm]

Behind hereCollapse )
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Parrot Macros - Caique Burrito [15 Feb 2007|01:18am]

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Congratulations shadowrabbit! (and panther_dvm!) [14 Feb 2007|11:54pm]

shadowrabbit's photos of Charlie are our Rehabilitated Parrots contest winner. Congratulations!

We've only had one Valentine's entry and that means panther_dvm's Saranade is our V-day winner! This banner will be displayed when the at the end of our next contest.

Speaking of which, our next theme is: Parrot Macros. Come up with your own creative parrot macro, do NOT post ones that you find online! All pictures must be original and owned by you.

If you're unsure about what an image macro is, see this wikipedia article. For some examples of animal image macros, have a looksee here.
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