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rate_my_parrot's Journal

Parrot photo contest with a new theme every week!
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Welcome to Rate My Parrot! This community gives its members the opportunity to show off photos of their beloved fids. I feel that simply posting a picture and letting members comment with a number (i.e. 1-10)is a bit harsh. All parrots are beautiful! There's no such thing as anything below a 10 so that type of rating would be a bit pointless. ;) We're going to do this in the fashion of a photo contest. I guess you could say we're really rating pictures of our parrots, but it'll be fun. There is a lot of room for creativity!

Here's how it works:

1) A contest will begin every Sunday. A maintainer will announce the theme for the week (which could be anything from "general parrot pics" to "wet birds") and members will have one week to submit their photo. Only the first 15 photos will be accepted.

2) After one week a poll will go up and members will have another week to vote on the winner of the contest. During this week we will also start a new theme/contest and will be gathering photos to vote on for the next contest. The winning photo will be displayed as a banner in the community until a new winner is chosen.

3)You're welcome (and encouraged) to comment on each other's photos but anything rude or purposely disrespectful will be deleted and you may be banned from the community.


*Do NOT (not, not, not) submit multiple photos. Only post ONE photo for the theme of that week. I would also appreciate it if you did not post additional photos or links to other photos in the comments section of your original post. However, you MAY post photos of a bird not involved in that week's contest. The purpose of these rules is to keep things fair.

*Each submission is to be made in the form of an LJ entry to this community. Make sure to put the theme of the contest and a title for your picture in the subject line. (The title can simply be the name of the bird(s) pictured but anything is fine as long as it's fairly short.) You can enter a caption/description under your photo, but other than this, keep words to a minimum.

*Put photos larger than 600 pixels wide behind an LJ cut.

*It is fine if you are in the picture with the bird as long as the picture fits that particular week's theme.

*You may post a picture of someone else's bird as long as YOU took the picture.

*Please do not use art programs (such as Photoshop) to edit the photo of your bird. You can use them to add small things like a caption or border to the photo but do not alter the actual parrot's appearance. (The only exception to this is if that week's contest specifically asks for edited photos.)

*Cheating is grounds for disqualification. If you are not a member of this group and have no interest in our community, do not vote just to help a friend's photo. This will result in the photo being disqualified. (In other words, don't join the group just so you can vote on a friend's photo unless you have a genuine interest in the group and plan to stay as an active member.)

*Please do not vote for your own photo. (You may vote for the photo of someone who lives with you such as a roommate or family member, but don't vote on your OWN entry to the contest.)

*Be as creative as you want, but don't jeopardize the safety of your parrot. Be responsible. If you post a picture of a parrot in a dangerous position, it will be disqualified from the contest and you may end up banned from the community.
(Please understand that when I say safe, I'm not asking for your "opinion" of what's safe. I don't want anyone to be paranoid about posting photos of their birds. I just want everyone to take precautions so that their bird is safe. The point is, if you can't take the photo without risking your bird's safety or health, don't take the photo.)

*No inappropriate pictures! Unless the theme for the week is "Naked Human Perch," we don't want to see you naked. (And trust me, there will never be a week with that theme.)